These days it is easier than ever to record our children’s lives because we have cameras on our phones and can snap away without worrying about the cost of developing film. But while we might take lots of pictures of special days – Christmas, birthday parties, holidays and outings – sometimes we forget to document the ordinary things that happen so often that we almost don’t notice them. How a baby looks when it’s having its afternoon nap; the stray curl at the back of a toddler’s neck; where everyone sits at the breakfast table; homemade treasures cluttering the mantelpiece and the row of muddy shoes by the front door.

As parents we are also so often concerned with taking pictures that we forget to be in them. I regret now that there are very few photographs of me breastfeeding my babies and wish there were more to show me reading them bedtime stories, wiping their faces after eating chocolate biscuits, holding their hands as we walk to school or just giving them a cuddle. These are certainly the things I will most want to remember in the future and I’m also pretty sure they are the things my children will want to know about when they are older, whether I am still around to tell them about it or not …

Anna Bradley Amersham Buckinghamshire family fine art photographer

It is for all these reasons that I specialise in relaxed, documentary style sessions rather than the more traditional ‘posed’ ones. I will come and spend time with your family just as you are – either at your home or at another place that you love, whether that is a local beauty spot or a favourite Saturday morning coffee shop. I won’t dictate what you should wear or insist that your children sit still and smile for the camera. Instead, I will focus on capturing the way your life feels and the dynamics and relationships between different members of the family.

Please have a browse through the posts on the Blog page to see more of my work with different families and the Prices page for pricing information. I am usually booked about eight weeks in advance so it is worth getting in touch early if you have a particular date in mind.

Amersham Buckinghamshire family photography

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