Invest in Your Memories – A Reminder to Print Your Photos

Amersham Buckinghamshire family fine art photography guide to printing your photos

We’re so lucky these days – with phones (and the good cameras that come with them) almost constantly in our pockets we can take photos and videos easily and share them with family and friends within seconds. People often assume that we have hundreds of photos of our oldest child as a baby and very few of our youngest, but actually it’s the other way round. Ten years ago we still had a compact camera which my husband bought especially for our son’s birth. We did make an effort to take lots of pictures after that as well but only when we remembered to take the camera out with us. It wasn’t until our third child was born that we both had i-phones and therefore photographed EVERYTHING!

The downside of this though is that we now have thousands of images sitting on our hard drives and relatively few recent ones actually printed or framed. Getting round to organising them is constantly on my ‘to do’ list. For now we know roughly where they are but if we don’t sort them out it is going to be difficult, if not impossible, for our children to find them when they are older. They are part of the most photographed generation ever, but there is a real danger that no evidence of this will exist when they come to look back.

I do offer digital files as part of all of packages – I totally get that clients want the flexibility of keeping their images this way and like to be able to share them easily, whether privately or on social media. I would always encourage you to order prints as well however, so that you have something tangible to keep. I use a company called Folio Albums who take orders only from professional photographers. The quality of their fine art prints is beautiful and a million miles away from anything you will find on the high street. Every delivery makes my heart sing!

My more expensive packages also include a print product so that you have something ready to put on display straight away. I love the fold out portfolios from Folio (below middle) which come in a range of colours and make lovely gifts. Or you can choose to order large mounted prints ready to frame, customised boxes to keep your prints in (the box full of random old photos was one of my favourite things to rummage through growing up!) or an album.

I will also deliver your digital files with a list of recommended companies and advice on getting the best results when printing your images yourself. This includes cropping, colour checking and paper options. ANY prints are better than none, but when you’ve invested the time and money in having professional photographs created then it’s worth making sure that the end product is really special too.

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