A Morning at Home – Family Storytelling Session with Fusion Film – Chesham, July 2018

There’s still lots to learn but I’m hoping to start offering films to clients at some point in 2019. This amazing family was kind enough to let me experiment (way back in the summer when it was actually warm enough to play outside!) and I’ve finally got round to incorporating some of the footage I took into their gallery slideshow.

Documenting the everyday, ordinary things is SO important and if you opt for a longer storytelling session (3 to 4 hours) then this is exactly the way that I will approach it – you and your little ones just doing what you do with very little direction from me. If you think a full session might be for you then do get in touch with any questions. It’s an investment but one that you’ll be glad you made when you look back in a few years time. I may well also nag you to let me practise taking some film while I’m with you!

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