The New Wave – Click Magazine Feature -September 2018

Click magazine contacted me early in the summer to ask whether I would be happy to be included in a feature on up-and-coming female photographers. Of course I said yes! It was still a lovely surprise though when I saw the proof copy and how they’d worded the introduction. In my mind I’ve just been plugging away, taking photos of things that interest me and learning as much as I can to get better. But now apparently my photographs are “game changing” and “happily disruptive”, with the potential to “help shape the future of photography”!

I very much believe that you can make good photographs from things that seem very ordinary and mundane. You don’t need to be travelling to fancy places, meeting ‘beautiful’ people or even have cutting edge equipment. The most important moments are the ones that are happening every day, right in front of you, and the process of turning them into something meaningful is part of the challenge. I’m honoured to be included in this group of twenty very talented photographers. If my pictures inspire even one person to pick up a camera and use it as a way to make sense of their world then I will be very happy indeed!

To see the list of featured photographers check out the Clickin Moms blog. The full interview I sent the magazine is below.

Cover photos by Anna Caitlin Harris and Zoe Mackenzie. Monochrome images below by me!

How would you describe your work/aesthetic?
Natural, honest, thoughtful

How would you describe your overall approach and connection to photography?
I tend to shoot with more of a documentary approach, reacting to what is happening naturally and only occasionally setting up a scene. Once it comes to post production though I am a perfectionist and will often create several versions of an image before deciding which one works best. I love beautiful light, details, moody portraits and, of course, monochrome.

What inspires you to grab your camera?
I’ve been through stages of photographing everything but increasingly I am learning to be more selective and intentional. My children are my main subjects – whether they are lost in their own worlds or happy to pose for a portrait – but I also like taking macro/nature images and landscapes. I tend to be drawn to quiet moments but am trying to push myself out of my comfort zone and take more loud and energetic pictures (though still find this hard!)

Tell us about your love for photography. What draws you to it as an art form? What does it do for you? How does it make you feel?
The great thing about photography is that it can work on so many different levels – as a way to record and remember, but also to give an outlet for a voice that might otherwise be quiet, or as a means of self-expression. Everyone can take photographs of the things that are important to them and it doesn’t really matter if anyone else admires the results or not! For me, taking photographs has been a way to cope with all the changes and chaos that come with bringing up young children – I hope that one day they will be able to look back through our photo albums and see how much they were loved.

What or who are the biggest inspirations or influences on your work?
This is really hard to answer! I am inspired by many photographers, artists and writers, some of whom are very well known and many who aren’t at all. The Clickin Moms community has definitely been a big factor in making me realise what it’s possible to produce from documenting my everyday life.

What do you think is the key to a great photo?
A great photo for me is one that creates an emotional response. Different elements can combine to create this – light, moment, composition, eye contact, use of color, symbolism, the list goes on – but if the viewer feels a connection to what is in the picture then they won’t notice or care about how technically perfect it is.

What’s your best advice for women interested in starting in photography?
Don’t be afraid to photograph the ordinary things that make up your day to day. I started off thinking that I couldn’t take good photographs because my circumstances (three small children!) meant that I couldn’t travel to beautiful or interesting places – it was only once I realized that the most important subjects were right beside me that I started to experiment more and my confidence grew.

What have you learned in your journey as a photographer? How has it helped you grow?
To be mindful of everything. Photographers in general tend to be a bit obsessive about making time stand still I think. It’s impossible to do this, but it is possible to look more carefully at what is going on around you, whether you have a camera in your hand or not.

What’s your happiest place & occupation?
Home, spending time with the people I love!

Please list your go-to photo gear (cameras, lenses, lighting, etc):
I shoot with a Nikon D750 and prime lenses – most often my 50mm or 35mm and sometimes with an 85mm. I’ve also recently invested in a Lensbaby kit which is both fun and frustrating at the same time!

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